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Company Establishment & Backgroud 


TESLAND GROUP was a small company established by Mr.Ali Munir , and started as a vendor for other exporters in the region from many years, we took a step forward and started to supply our products in the market with the passage of time our expertise enhanced and our market understanding refined more, we entered in the international market almost with our quality products and now approaching a good name in the international markets 

How We Manufacturing?
TESLAND GROUP products have excellent workmanship. we are manufacturing and exporting these products to different countries of the world with a high rate of customer satisfaction, our manufacturing facility is fully equipped with the modern machinery.we always use best material with proper specification is the production so we have flawless workmanship and superb finish.
our quality system is well versed and our products comply with all the requirements of our customers.we are eager to serve your esteemed and prestigious organization on the basis of our best quality products, very reasonable prices, just in time delivery and excellent services, which are also the hallmark of our company
Social code of conducts 
  • No Child Labor
  • No Forced Labor
  • Health & Safety
  • Freedom Of Association & Right Of Collective Bargaining
  • Disciplinary Practices
  • Working Hours
  • Remuneration
  • Management System  

Our Team:
  • Mr.Ali Munir (CEO)  
  • info@teslandgroup.com
  • Mr.Ahmad Aziz Ahmad (Director)   
  • ahmad@teslandgroup.com      


  • Mr.Hasan Abbas ( Production Manager )
  • hasan@teslandgroup.com    




Mission & Vision Statement


  • Mission Statment

We are providing the one stop solution for every entity that is striving for total quality, shortest delivery time,reliable manufacturer and exporter through enhanching the capabilities and skills of the human resources along with giving the best returns to the shareholders  



  • Vision statement

Vision Statement to be an unleashed branch with frequently improvement in new ideas and innovations that will be surprising for the globe by exceeding the wants and desires of the customers